Update XVG: Verge

Update XVG: Verge is forming a cup and handle, here is an possible entry if you’re not in yet. Lots of FUD and fake news in the market. Wraith was released but needs some bugfixes, will see what happens after the Verge team completed it.?

In complete agreement with the above XVG sentiment/TA – even if VERGE drops below the diagonal (red) support line there are FRESH SUPPLY levels waiting (light blue lines = better). —— I have never seen a project get so attacked as VERGE’s … even on NYE I came under attack from trolls spreading utter poison about a project that the Dev’s were working on over the hoildays. If XVG is ‘guilty’ of anything it is not having a professional marketing team to filter and fend off FUD. —- If price dips lower either HOLD or simply see that lower price as a wonderful chance to buy. You only lose if you sell.