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Platinum Membership

Almost a year ago, I came in contact with the Platinum membership of the Verified Crypto Group.

The trades in this membership are under the professional supervision of Erik, who was already trading well before the internet trading arrived. His over 30 years of trading experience puts you in some state of zen and calmness which is rather unusual in this world of cryptocurrencies.

Every week he makes one or sometimes up to three videos where he explains the current state of the BTC-market on LIVE charts where he explains his game plan and how he trades. Some of these videos are shared as a teaser in the free Verified Crypto Newschannel and I strongly advise to go check them out.

The Platinum has 2 different signal-channels, one for SHORT trading (on and a seperate for LONG trading (on or Once you’ve set up both accounts, the bot automatically follows all his signals on both channels.

The profits over the last year have been modest in BTC and really great in USD. Seeing Erik building up positions on both accounts and swinging over from short to long or vice versa on bigger time-frames will without a doubt leave you impressed and once the volatility will return to this market, I can’t imagine having a better spot to grow your crypto-funds for the years to come.

Thanks for all the help, all your teachings and making my funds grow. I feel blessed having the Verified Crypto Team on my side.