How to draw a Trendline (Tom DeMark)

How to draw a Trendline (Tom DeMark): Just now BTC appeared by most TA appearances, a break out of the obvious downward trendline … and many ALTS dropped (as typed about above). Here, the Admin, would like to show you the Tom Demark method for drawing a trendline. You see the human brain looks for patterns all over the place and lines (green dotted line) are one of the most obvious the ‘see’. The Tom Demark method uses only the last highes/lowest points (solid green line) … and as you can see, BTC only tested this. How many weak hands have been rattlled by that move? If BTC FULLY breaks the green solid line – only then do we have some upside action. —- What this Admin expects (only my personal opinion) is that pre-solstice/xmas when BTC hit $20K on the week of the Futures launch is when the Synicates said “Happy Xmas” to Wall St and sold. Now, on business day 1 of the New Year, the USA hedge funds are picking up the peices at a great discount price. But will the first month of Futures predictions be met or will there be FIAT losers by the end of January?