Update Verge: Everyone needs to chill.

Comment from XVG miner:

Comment from XVG miner: “currently” we are doing lvl 2, but we now have wraith and once it’s fully out we get lvl 4. Lvl 3 is what for example Monero is doing where nothing is ever traceable anywhere, it’s good for security but makes it hard for Mass adoption as it’s hard to confirm purchase in cases where it’s needed. Stealth addresses are nothing new but the fact that with wraith it can be used with a click of a button gives it a purpose as it’s pretty useless if only a few people are doing it. When everyone is using it it’s about as secure as lvl 3 but more practical.

Wraith Protocol simplified. From Verge Addict, retweet by Vergecurrency from vergecurrency

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