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We believe that cryptocurrencies will revolutionize the fintech industry and radically change the global wealth distribution, so it’s important to be on the cutting edge of this paradigm shift.


As a community of analysits with a rich experience in investing and trading on different markets, we constantly improve our technical analysis skills, and research fundamentals of crypto assets.


Many traders stress out and have sleepless nights because crypto assets are very volatile, so it’s our duty to provide people with all the tools and knowledge they need for worry-free investing andtrading on the crypto market!

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Green & Red Candles

We don’t chase green candles nor let red scare us. We are not perfect and the market is not 100% predictable – but sometimes human behaviour and market cycles are.


We research our tips by custom TA, news, company and product information, market demand and the problem each technology solves.

That ‘inner voice’

We also follow our intuition – that ‘inner voice’ which has led us into the best of trades that others never saw coming (to look where others ignore).


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